The portrait of Dariel Valdano

Dalva's Story

Hello! I am Dariel Valdano. Go Systems Developer, AI Tinkerer, Java Programmer, Website Developer, a hobbyist UAS avionics tinkerer and flight simulator enjoyer, a hobbyist artist, PC Gamer, a wannabe Game Developer, and Anime Enthusiast currently living in Tokyo, Japan.

My current expertise is the Go Programming Language, using it to construct various services and tools. In my work I use Golang to orchestrate an ecosystem of Phyton-based AI tools to apply it to required business processes.

In 2022 I graduated with Masters Degree in Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, with a thesis about implementing Computer Vision to a ship-based UAS Platform Autoland system. You can read it here.

In the past I create websites either using CMS like Wordpress and Joomla and then custom program it, or hand-craft it from (near) zero using CodeIgniter and jQuery - with this site being one example. Additionally I am also experienced in Laravel and vue.js

In 2018-2019 I took part in one the biggest project I've done to create Situng - a national election information system that were used in the 2019 Indonesian General Elections.


Golang Dev
Web Dev
AI Dev
Java Dev
Clip Studio Paint
3ds Max
Bahasa Indonesia
Tech Wizardry